The Year my Brother Died, I was Four Years Old.

Truly Cherished.

Trauma has a way of digging its roots deep into your spirit and growing weeds of resentment, anxiety, depression, and a slew of other debilitating seeds that it plants along the way. I was four years old the year I was informed my brother was murdered; he was only two. The details for me are so fuzzy because my mother insists I wasn’t there, but I remember being there. Sometimes, I often wonder if I dreamed about the events as it was happening, considering I Have this gift of dreaming. My mother had gone into labor with her third child, whom I still have yet to meet. Without giving you all the step by step details of that night, two adults took my brother’s life. He was a baby. As someone who works with young children, I often think about him. I think about how someone could be so ruthless…

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Really Mom, Coconut Oil? Moms and Their Myths.

NIa Integrative Healing

imageI sat reluctantly on our living room floor as my mother roughly applied coconut oil to my hair. She ignored my bratty, ten-year-old complaints as streams of oil made their way down my face. I protested, fidgeted, and tried to escape her grip, only to be drawn back to my seat and jostled around into a near concussion as she continued the greasy ritual.

“You have to use coconut oil every night so you have nice, healthy hair,” she’d remind me. Yet, along with all the other pieces of random tales she’d offer, I placed her nuggets of advice into the section of my mind labeled, “Myths That Mom Makes Up.”

Coconut oil for hair and skin, turmeric for colds, hot tea for itchy throats, ginger for indigestion, they were all such weird remedies. Mom is a large advocate of I told you so’s, but I’m going to say it anyway. After many, many…

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The Freedom to Make Resolutions Any Ole’ Time You Please

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Did you get that gym membership yet? Swear off sugar, wine or cigarettes? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? A little jittery from chocolate withdrawal, maybe? Yes, yes, I know it’s only January 3rd, but a sense of discouragement can set in surprisingly quickly sometimes. Why? Unattainable goals are not real goals. They’ll only lead to quick burnout and bad feelings.

Resolutions are decisions. We make them at a point when we’re so tired of wanting to change that we decide to take the steps to do things differently. For many, coming to that point is a journey of frustrating and sometimes unfortunate events. And this is precisely why New Year’s resolutions usually tend to fail. They begin on a day chosen collectively by society, rather than by a true inner desire to change and the much needed experiences that drive our resolve forward.

New Year’s resolutions may often feel like a burdensome obligation instead of an exciting, well thought out plan. Just because we’re embarking on…

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